Free Mark Krzos’ Speech

Corporate kidnapping of free speech

the News-Press in on the breach

taking away their reporter’s rights

and the public is letting it go down without a fight.

Posting on Facebook is freedom of the press,

and Gannett has their employees under duress,

but it’s OK there’ll be a new story next week

about how real estate scams get by without a squeak

and paradise is getting the leprosy,

they know history repeats its amnesia quite memorably.

Truth-tellers become scapegoats

and liars become politicians,

a lying press is a magnet for advertising success–

so open your minds to their omissions.

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0 Responses to Free Mark Krzos’ Speech

  1. stewartiii says:

    NewsBusters: Fla. Reporter Who Slimed Chick-fil-A Fans as Paranoid Haters Resigns From His Newspaper


  2. GBMeyers says:

    The ex-reporter still has his free speech. He just can’t do it through his former employer. Now he is free to say whatever he wants without consequences. He can speak without the newspaper. Reporters are supposed to be unbiased or at least try to be fair. The reporter let his stripes show therefore he was fired.


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