Conversation with a Functionless Adult

But what do you get out of it?

They always ask.

Because, of course, I never ask myself that.

They’ll tell you you make your own reality,

and happiness is a choice, like homosexuality,

and then, having made their own reality

they thank god for it, makes perfect sense.

Board all the windows, shut all the vents,

when you acquiesce or participate

in the murder of innocents in another state,

you’re only doing what you told the flag you would

and keeping a promise to colorful cloth makes you good,

so your loved ones insist you trade your humanity away

for a place on a shit list with the rich and no security

producing useless things for a future made futile,

so those who need nothing get more all the while

and those who need a bowl of rice simply die in the shadow of denial.

But what do you get out of it?

That’s the important thing to ask yourself,

because apparently you’re missing the whole point

and that’s why your life’s on a shelf.

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