Bill W Loved Banging the Newcomers on Acid (12 Step Porn for the Sophisticated 13th Stepper)

13th Step:  A traditional practice in 12 step groups of sleeping with new recruits under the guise of introducing them to God.

No, he was on acid, not the newcomers.

“Say, Bill, when are we going to do that 5th step where I admit all my defects of character?” asked Sadie.

“Right after I spiritually unload in your pretty mouth,” said Bill W.  “Did I ever tell you about the 14th step?  That’s when you train people to do the 13th step.”

Bill W had a secret hideout on an island in Micronesia where he’d take all the sexy alcoholic ladies who had agnostic hangups and perky breasts.  He would love them long time and then they’d have a spiritual awakening and 5 percent of them would stop drinking.  He had a good thing going and he knew it and god, not existing and all, never wised up.  It was perfect, because this guy hated work but liked naked chicks.  So, one day, while in a hospital recovering from a treatment of morphine and deliriants and a lying doctor that had convinced him, however briefly, that he’d received a vision from God, Bill W said to himself, I too could fool others as I too have been fooled.  And so, AA was born.

AA: the perfect magnet for vulnerable chicks with no judgment.  Chick-a-wow-wow.

“Let go of your sweet, sweet ego, baby,” said Bill W.

“I can’t,” Sadie said, “humble me.”

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