A Rough Sketch of the Narcissistic Corporatist State

Transnational corporations have a long and dark history of condoning tyrannical governments. Is it narcissism that compels them to seek their reflection in the regimented structures of fascist regimes? – The Corporation
They walk among us. Different from ordinary humans. Preying on us. Turning our own minds against us. Psychic vampires seemingly from another dimension. And they could be your family, friends, and/or lovers. Depending on what part of the country you’re in.
Who or what are they? Well, also consider that they come in several varieties. They can be depressive or phallic, cognitive or somatic, and, once they are described, you may be tempted to think just about every jerk in your life is one. Or even that you. And you’d most likely be wrong, to a lesser or greater extent.
They’re called narcissists, and, when certain traits are pronounced enough, they have what is termed narcissistic personality disorder. This is a system of charming ways of interacting with the world that the narcissist performs. Basically hollow individuals, the narcissist has lost touch with their true self and compensates by creating a false self that must be treated like a god. The narcissists surround themselves with admirers and seek to beat all who don’t provide them with attention into a submissive condition, in order to keep up their supply of admiration on which they feed like an addict. Narcissists are dangerous. They will use tactics like gas lighting, a means by which to destroy the confidence of their victims by getting them to doubt themselves. This might be by questioning your memory or judgment, by moving your things around to get you to think you misplaced them, by blaming you for things over which you had no control.Narcissists think they are above the law. They don’t have to do the things others do in order to win regard, respect, love, success, or fame. All things should just be granted to them, despite their lack of consistency, accountability or charity.If all this is starting to sound like the law of the land to you, then you see where this article is going already. If not, well, let’s keep reading.

Basically, everything is up for sale in the United States (coming shortly: social security, roads, policemen, and your DNA). The thing that is being done to our collective humanity is to marginalize us from the inside out. Anything that is guaranteed to the “people” and not just to an individual is being phased out.

Recently, here in Lee County, there was a minor uprising in which a bunch of protestors took to a public property to express their ailing 1st Amendment Rights. They were charged thousands of dollars for lacking insurance. Apparently, you no longer just need insurance to get health care, you also need it for speech. In fact, I’ve decided to start Speech and Protest Insurance United, Inc. as a result of my experiences in the fray. I was also given a citation for being present as a journalist covering the event. If anyone knows where I can purchase Press Insurance, let me know.

No, wait a minute, what’s the connection here? Why am I calling the state a narcissist? Isn’t that a disorder that affects individuals? Individuals who need therapy?

Well, yes. Good observation. I’m saying the state is operating like a narcissist, because it also has loss it’s true self and had it’s true self replaced with a false self that demands adoration, respect, and worship while it chips away at the humanity, self-respect and confidence of those “beneath” it. And it needs therapy. We need to sit the state down and explain its condition to it and remind it that it once had a soul and values and the ability to feel empathy. And, if that doesn’t work, perhaps we need to do what therapists recommend people in relationships with narcissists do, and demand a divorce or break up.

You see, hope is lost. Because corporations have gained the rights of people, you have gained the status of slaves. Because the state has sold out, you are being gas lighted by the propaganda machine of the state. You are being told that freedom isn’t free, that unions are instruments of tyranny, that you must pay out of pocket or be rationed out of existence, that you must compete with workers overseas who aren’t as spoiled as yourself, that you should keep yourself busy with a piece of string to avoid idleness, that people who gather in the streets are mindless, brainwashed mobs, that no one really knows what they’re fighting for, that if you haven’t showered thoroughly you have no business holding a sign, that badly dressed people get pepper sprayed, what is it you were expecting? Those aren’t prisoners of war, they’re enemy combatants. That isn’t protesting, it’s camping. That isn’t welfare, it’s a bailout. Is this a country I see before me? And, while you are being oppressed out of your mind, you must love, adore, and praise the corporatist state or you’re a malcontent, a loser, immature, unclean, heathen, commie scum. If you stand up for your rights you’ll be criticized, put through the ringer, dragged into court, arrested, pepper sprayed, sucked into an overcomplicated, Rube Goldberg bureaucracy the mistakes of which become your mistakes and which will drive you insane with stress. Wouldn’t you rather be providing service with a smile? Doesn’t working to make the rich richer just feel better?It was recently proven to me that ultimately all decisions have an emotional element. It can’t be otherwise. If you were to try to make a purely rational decision it would take an infinite amount of time to play out all the factors involved. At some point, you have to go with what feels right.
If your feelings tell you you don’t want to be associated with these dirty, inarticulate malcontents, well then no other justification is necessary.I mean, it’s a free country.

And if you’d rather be associated with the perfect, all-powerful, overweening, secure police state, then God bless you, citizen uninvited.

What’s also interesting about narcissism is we usually can recognize elements of it inside ourselves. In studying it, I constantly reflected “Am I a narcissist?” And, a similar question perhaps, if given power, would I become as corrupt as the forces that beset this nation? Some would argue power breeds narcissism.

This is why laws should be in place to prevent corruption and limit the power of any individual or set of individuals. If there is not an equal amount of opportunity for all who choose to work to achieve their goals, we have a condition of economic inequality.

Ask yourself, do we have such a condition?
(Sources: Sam Vaknin’s http://samvak.tripod.com/cv.html, Wikipedia, http://www.narcissism101.com/Narcissism_101/kindsofN.html, Noam Chomsky speeches)

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0 Responses to A Rough Sketch of the Narcissistic Corporatist State

  1. Anonymous says:

    Speak the Truth shine light on the dark ones and one day they will be no more !!!


  2. Matthew says:

    We all have a lot to learn from our actions and past…


  3. Anonymous says:

    If only we had such social controls for immature punk narcissists who steal everything they learn from others to boost their own self-image.


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