I Claim Government Mind Control Just Before Shooting Rampage that Leaves 194 Mysteriously Dead

Picture of Myself with Gun, Raising Concerns about my Mental Health Improving

By Lou Saboter

(don’t worry. it’s all a joke. Jim Carrey approves of this blog entry.)

Shortly after watching The Matrix, my horrendous slide into insanity began.

Much later, I wrote a blog entry about losing my mind and thinking the government was using mind control on me, although they actually were, and then carrying out a murder-suicide mission due to MK Ultra which left me and all my victims suspiciously alive.

However, real life people in the real matrix didn’t think it was a laughing matter, and neither does ABC News. In fact, they’re suing my former self as we speak despite his never existing. After that, it gets complicated.

“He was, you know, a normal guy,” said his (my) sister, Sharon, “and then he watched that movie and he started saying weird stuff. Like he’d say we were all zombies, but he had removed the splinter in his mind. We tried to get him forced into a mental home by militarized police, but he took off in the night, laughing maniacally, carrying with him a rubber owl.”

“People with guns are bad!” said a European guy who just showed up. “In Europe we have no guns. It’s great. The government wipes my ass. Guys have sex with each other in public. We worship the demon of our choice, and sacrifice babies. Yay! Happy diversity!

The next thing his family knew, he was writing blog entries about secret plots and government agencies harassing him. And telling people the Anti-Christ was making himself known to the discerning.

“He even asked if we were in on it,” said his mom (my), Glinda. “He said the conspiracy was so big he didn’t know who he could trust. And he said the government was using mind control on him. Psychotronic weaponry and subliminal microwave messages. He said he saw owls and eyes on the wall, and felt weird sensations and had fits of rage. Soon, he was wrapping things around his head to block the attacks. He texted me once to tell me it was all the Zionists, backed by the Jesuit Black Pope.

After that, using a single 9mm gun, he went on a shooting rampage in downtown Fort Myers at a kindergarten when a class of 194 children were playing chess. He killed them all, and no one knows what happened to any of the bodies.

“It was like, poof, they were gone,” said Office Jim Jones.

Jim Jones said this reminded him of Myron May and Aaron Alexis. Both of them claimed that they were victims of mind control shortly before going on killing sprees.

Officer Katie Kutter agreed.

“Yes, all that was left was their sandwiches,” said she. “In their cute little lunchboxes.”

“That’s right,” I said. “I killed all those kids. Hello. I’m right here.”

I waved my arms around and shouted but no one appeared able to see me.  At least I didn’t post anything like this–

I mean, why would I go leading people into an MK Ultra trap?

But I did post this.

And, OMG!, that proved I should have been locked up right then before I went and killed those 194 little children! Clearly, I had serious issues. Despite the fact that everyone thought I was happy, handsome, successful, and nearly 7 feet tall.

The names of the children were Andy Aldin, Betty Buster, Carlos Castenada, Den…OK, I’m done with this! This is all make believe! Don’t you guys know what’s going on!!!!–

(dial tone…)

Let me give you one piece of advice. Be honest. He knows more than you can imagine.

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Ferguson: The Kosher Klan Konspiracy?

Did you hug a Klansman today?

By Carl-John X Veraja

Just how fake is the Ferguson story? I’m not sure yet, and here’s why–

The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (TAKKKK) and Anonymous have entered into a war of words, pranks, and investigation in the midst of a powderkegged moment in Ferguson, Missouri. The TAKKK have been accused of threatening violence, but my read is that they only threatened to defend the community if necessary. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

And then there was the whole threatening to shoot thing.Which brings up Frank Ancona. This is another level of controversy, as other Klansmen dispute the authenticity of Frank Ancona, based on his Jewishness.

Kosher Klan Konspiracy?

Is Frank Ancona working for the SPLC and just trying to stoke up racial tension? If so–this is definitely a big government psychological operation, probably start to finish.

Here’s the SPLC stoking up the tension using their boy Frankie! 

Watch this video.

The anger in Ferguson is understandable, but I don’t think the jury of public opinion should decide the guilt of an individual, in this case Darren Wilson. Due process should be maintained and restored, and to demand a court decision is the sort of tactic the KKK used to use. It should not be the tactic aimed at societal injustices, perceived or otherwise.

Everyone, including Darren Wilson, deserves due process. Even if he’s actually a KKK member in an actually white KKK (if this matters, which the KKK says it does). Michael Brown deserved fair treatment as well, and I’m not sure he got it.

I just hope there aren’t more layers of fakery here we’re not aware of.

For instance–did Darren Wilson even perform the killing??? 

Was it Bryan Willman all along and Darren Wilson is just a fill-in?

Also–why doesn’t this video mention the SPLC connection???

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ABC News Blocks me for Pointing out the Obvious about FSU Shooter

By Lou Saboter

For the crime of pointing out the obvious, ABC News blocked me—then erased my comments.

Free press!

I thought this link was pretty relevant: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/cia-mind-control-mass-shootings-is-there-a-correlation

Also, consider this bevy of mind control patents. 

Another angle pursued by James Tracy is that this is part of a psyop to get conspiracy theorists to be considered insane and forced into mental treatment. This follows a pattern also seen in the U.K. where David Cameron has labelled conspiracy theorists as dangerous extremists.

Hilariously, back in 1979, ABC News reported this, maybe before the Zionist takeover of United States media.

Oh yeah, Zionists also run Hollywood.

And control the money supply.

And there are many dual Israeli-American citizens in government.

So, why would Zionists would to suppress CIA mind control tactics aimed at taking guns from citizens? Hmm…

The Zionist in charge of ABC News is Bob Iger.

Why this is also important is you have to look at other trends in the Zionized western world. In England, free speech is taking a tumble. Someone who tweeted an antisemitic message to an MP, Luciana Berger, in the U.K. was actually jailed for the action. David Cameron, a Zionist puppet, has also announced that conspiracy theorists are the same as terrorists.

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FSU Shooter Feared Government Brainwashing, was Targeted Individual

By Lou Saboter

The FSU shooter, Myron May, believed the government was reading his mind, according to police. He fits the profile of a targeted individual who was then employed for political purposes, in this case pushing gun control.

Most likely, they were. Electronic telepathy technologies have been documented and admitted to by government whistleblowers, and were part of the MK Ultra Subproject 119 program.

His Facebook was already taken down, of course, but he apparently spoke of remote neural monitoring.  This made others conivnced he was mentally unstable, when in fact he was merely informed.

He included links to Targeted Individuals International on his Facebook, which may in fact be a group that helps the government coordinate their brainwashing activities.

The real culprit here is the public, which chooses to remain willfully ignorant of documented covert government programs and technologies because they “sound crazy.” After investigation, it turns out they are facts.

Of course, it was noted May had quit his job and took medication. HALF the country is on medication, because everything is mental illness. But everyone will continue to mindlessly assume these school shootings are just because guns.

The government has therapists and psychiatrists set up as part of this operation. These events always go down with the shooter either dead or obviously in a state of drug-induced delirium.

This won’t end until they get what they want–your rights.

And how is it gotten away with? Well, there’s the Zionist controlled media, Zionist controlled Hollywood, and Zionist controlled money supply.  You connect the dots from there yourself.

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FSU Shooting a Diversion from Jewett Middle School Fiasco?


Gunshots were reported by the LA Times? at Florida State University at the Strozier Library. At least 2 people were reported shot. Details are still emerging of this amazingly common phenomenon.

Later, the number shot was changed to 3. The gunman was reported killed for refusing to drop his weapon. There was also a report of possibly another gunman.

 A student made video showed students in a corner listening to a purported police announcement. As I’ve seen happen before with these sorts of events, Europeans mysteriously appear and announce how great non-gun Europe is.  Paid government trolls are a documented phenomenon.

And this 2nd one even tried to plant the idea we should have demonstrations to have our rights taken away.

The announcement idiotically said call 911 if you know someone was shot, or that someone has a gun, but don’t if you don’t know someone was shot or who has a gun.

On 11/17/14, an “ultra-realistic” drill at Jewett Middle School, also in Florida, terrified students.

A conspiracy analyst suggested this shooting was a set-up to cover for the Jewett Middle School debacle. The principal was canned.

The story has spread like prairie fire across the interwebs.

The twitter circus was a bit interesting…

Apparently, an ESPN reporter made a sports joke which drew the ire of many.

Here’s some tweets.

Bill Cooper warned that scenarios like this had been prepared to be put into action in Behold a Pale Horse.

Earlier this year, FSU began allowing guns on campus, in vehicles.

A professor was shot at FSU on July 18, 2014.  Some feel Dan Markel’s death was tied to the New Jersey “Get” Ring Rabbis whom he was considering consulting.

Apparently, some Orthodox Jewish wives will pay big money to get a divorce when it’s denied, the so-called “agunah crisis.” They don’t mind if the husband gets tortured to form his willingness.

Before his death, Markel received messages saying it was important to shut people like him down. This appeared to be from an angry, struggling and former law student, a Georgian atheist.

Online sleuths have also speculated about Markel’s wife.

Here is some of Dan Markel’s work. He was against the use of shame as a punishment. He believed that George Zimmerman should be found innocent.

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Reverse Shop Lifting

I dream I’m working

for politicians

one of them is supposed

to be Jeb Bush

but he looks like Al Gore

they ask me to go

buy groceries at the store

and I carefully purchase

a large assortment

of foodstuffs,

this song is playing,

then, after I pay,

I sneak back into

the store,

and put everything

back where I found it,

I woke up very happy.

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Happy Chemtrails


From the slaughter rooms

of the torn gods

golden smokestacks

billow unreality.

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