The Jewish “Hitler was a Rothschild Agent or Jew” Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy

1 John 2:22-23New King James Version (NKJV)

22 Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. 23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

By Lou Saboter

It’s amazing, when you survey the landscape of “conspiracy theorists” how many of them are Jewish, funded by Jews, or make excuses for Jews, or portions or Jews, all of which serves the crux of the Jewish Problem–the inability to nail down exactly what the Jewish Problem is, whether it is Jewish, whether it is a Problem, whether it is Zionist, Communist, or Botzobotton. The central PSYOP of the Jewish Problem is the reworking of definitions concerning the Jewish Problem which is, of course, overseen by Jews.

Confused yet?

As a for instance, we have Chris Jon Bjerknes, who seems, on the face of it, a wildly antisemitic Jew, until you realize that at the bottom of his pitch is the idea that the Jews are so powerful that even Hitler and Jesus were actually working for the Jews as controlled opposition. He is a regular on Therapeofjustice channel on jewtube. They also feature debates between John Condit and William Finck, who argue back and forth about whether Hitler was a Jew agent, and about other disinfo confounding agents trying to stop serious investigators and the curious from getting to the bottom of the Jewish Problem.

William Finck’s website takes the position that the Jews are running an ongoing propaganda campaign to stop gentiles from realizing Hitler was a hero of the German people. Meanwhile, John Condit uses Jew sources and ignores Jew sources such as the Jew lies that surfaced before WWII that Hitler was a Jew. Hitler has since been declared the first of two Jewish messiahs.


Other Jews out to “expose” Jews, such as Henry Makow, Scottie Spencer, and Brother Nathanael are among the Jews’ harshest critics, yet never do they take the “Hitler did nothing wrong” position that is necessary to initiate a true revolution against the JEW. Meanwhile, Alex Jones, who may not be a Jew, is clearly part of the PSYOP.

Nonetheless, I do have a fondness for Brother Nathanael and Henry Makow. Bobby Fischer, also, because I understand the difficulty a Jew has in escaping the black hole of Jewishness. I don’t hate the Jews as people, I hate the very Jewishness of Jewishness because I think it is a devilish construct turning the world into a massive debt prison camp. If you don’t understand what I mean, consider this.

So, yeah, Hitler did NOTHING wrong. And, hilariously, Hitler, die Führer, was less antisemitic than many of these Jewish conspiracy theorists. He was, however, extremely anti-communist, as am I! There is no way I can believe that Hitler, a war hero who did time standing up for Germany, decided to help Jews destroy Germany just so he could spend his last days hiding out in Argentina. Please.

Other sources for the curious include Douglas Reed, David Irving, and Ernst Zundel.






COMMUNISM IN GERMANY (Installation of Jewish Soviet Republics On German Soil BEFORE the Rise of the NSDAP):












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Feeding the Wolf your Soul

There are two wolves
both are wolves
either one you feed
you end up
with a huge
and then it devours
as it does
perhaps you wonder
why you spent
so much time
deciding which wolf
to feed


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Over-represented Jews are Offended at Underrepresented Whites


Time Wise (Jew) has no white friends

Despite being over-represented in key institutions all over America, often by as much as 47 times at Harvard for instance, Jews still have their media and spokespeople telling the population the problem is white privilege. And, despite the Jews being the biggest butchers in history, having killed at least 66,000,000 white Christians in the Soviet Union for instance, Jewish news and spokespeople are still telling blacks to get mad about a measly 1500 lynchings of rapists, murderers and child molesters.


Yes, it’s not the Jews, Hitler was wrong. Jews sure iz some honest folk there, um hmmm.

And the Jews, despite having prompted WWI and WWII, according to the Jew whistleblower Benjamin Freedman, using their Jewish media (which seems to always be used to get people to be violent), the Jews still claim the moral high ground as they call white people racist supremacists while they play the races against each other. And stupid white people still think if the Jewish media says its true, it is, and any white people who don’t believe the Jew media are evil, crazy, Nazi racist conspiracy theorists, or even worse, truthers, because there is nothing worse than truth.

That’s the story so far. Tune in later for more hilarity.

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Settlers suspected of polluting wells (restored article)

Residents of Palestinian village near Hebron complain settlers threw dead chickens in their water reservoirs. Police investigating.


Residents of the Palestinian village of Hirbat Atwana near Hebron are claiming that settlers have thrown dead chickens into their water wells in an attempt to poison them. Police are investigating the claims.
A Palestinian woman arrived this (Tuesday) morning at the police station in Hebron and reported that she had earlier discovered that dead chickens were thrown into the water wells of her village. Police officers went to investigate the matter but did not manage to find anything in the water well. They passed on a warning to the locals not to drink from the wells.
According to one of the estimates that arose during the investigation, residents of a nearby settlement were responsible for throwing chickens into the wells.
Ezra Nave, a left wing activist who heads a children’s summer camp for Palestinian children in the area, told NRG Maariv that earlier this morning a women who was already injured by these settlers, witnessed them standing next to her water well. She did not approach them, and after they left she noticed blood, and smelled a vulgar odor in the well.
One of the Palestinian villagers, Saver al-Hariri, said that he had noticed these people in the morning, but did not react, as he thought they were part of the daily patrol unit. Later, a few children approached him, and stated that there were strange odors coming from the water. Al-Hariri told the children not to drink the water.
The settlers expressed fury at the claim and added that it was not the first time that this has happened. They said they would hand matters over to the police.

General Secretary of Peace Now, Yariv Oppenheimer, said in response that the “settlers of the Hebron Mountains continue to poison relations between Jews and Arabs by using brutal methods. It is up to the minister of agriculture to solve the water problem of these local Palestinians as if they were Israeli citizens”.

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Chabad Article Praises White Supremacy




Isn’t it racist to believe you’re special because you’re Jewish? How is that any different from the Nazi belief in the “superiority” of the Aryan race, for example?


I think that everyone would agree that there is nothing wrong with feeling proud of who you are. There is nothing wrong with diversity. G‑d created a magnificent world, a wondrous panorama of colors, forms and personalities. Today we recognize that this diversity is so essential to the nature of things that anyone who tries to struggle against it is fighting against the sustainability of life itself.

Read the Ohr haChayim (R’ Chayim Atar, Morocco/Israel, 1696–1743) on Genesis and you will be delighted by his comments on this diversity. Other classic commentaries describe how the world contains every sort of opposite—just as a sphere is made of opposing poles—so that it will reflect the boundlessness of its Creator. Perek Shira, one of the most ancient midrashim, brings out something even more delightful: That each creature, as G‑d created it, believes that it is the most lovely and ultimate of all creatures on the planet. Not only the horse and the lion, but even the slimy, warted toad cannot imagine a creature more beautiful than itself that could sing a song more melodious than the song it croaks out each day. The same with the jackal, the vulture and even the pesty little mosquito—who believes that all creatures were created by a loving G‑d just to provide him with blood to drink.


As it is with the species, so it is with each person—for each person, the Maharal of Prague writes, is a species on his own. We raise each child to know that there is something special about him or her, something unique that no one else who ever was or ever will be will ever have. It doesn’t take much persuasion—it is the nature of the human being to believe it intuitively, even before he is told. We encourage it, so that the child will grow and be able to take on the world. To take that away from the child is to destroy the person inside; to encourage it is to give life, courage and strength.

sorry no

And so too, with every social entity by which we human beings arrange ourselves: Ethnocentricity is not something to be fought and crushed. Humankind does not require homogenization. To do so is to fight and crush the inherent nature of human beings. If a people are not proud of themselves as a people, believing that they have something that no other people can provide, then they have no hope to survive as distinct cell of humanity. We will lose their art, their wisdom, their heritage—all that they have to contribute to the rest of us, by G‑d’s design.

Race mixing jew

Do you really believe that humanity should melt into a homogeneous mush? Such was the ideal of America at the turn of the 20th century. I grew up in Canada, with Lester Pearson’s and Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s ideal of a colorful patchwork. Mush, in my mind is rather pale and monotonous fare, the antithesis of life.

When is pride dangerous? When it is a sickly pride. When it is pride in the wrong things. When it leaves no room for others. When it blinds its bearer from seeing his faults. And when—and I believe this to be the core of the matter—when one is so proud that he cannot recognize anything greater than himself.

The German nation after the First World War was sickly in this way. And not without reason. An entire generation was missing. The youth were angered at the failure of their fathers, that they had stolen German pride and left them with an inheritance of shame. It was a culture of rejectionism, where the old had to be thrown out simply because it was old and anything shocking and radical was embraced just for the sake of being shocking and radical. Atonal un-music, Dada non-art, rampant pornography and such violence on the streets that had not been seen in German lands for hundreds of years were all symptoms of a society suffering a serious systemic pathology. From this it is not difficult to see a lethal sort of pride arising, a pride that was not only out to destroy the world but semi-consciously to annihilate itself as well, as the phoenix diving into its pyre.

When I look at the pride of the Jewish People, I see none of this. In what do we pride ourselves? Look to the Talmud again: “What are the three traits of this nation? They have compassion, they have a conscience and they enjoy acts of kindness.” Jews pride themselves in their intellectual powers, as well. Not an unreasonable pride, given the track record.

Yes, we are not without blemish. The Jews of Europe bore scars from the ugly anti-Semitism of those lands. It’s hard to be in love with those that hate you and murder you. There was spite born from that experience—but that only makes it yet more amazing that kindness and compassion nonetheless survived in the Jewish heart.


We have a long history of self-examination and criticism, from the Torah, the prophets, the Talmudic sages and all the way to this day. We have laughed at ourselves, cried about ourselves and chastised ourselves continually throughout our long and painful history. We blame ourselves for being stubborn and for giving in too easily, for being too haughty and for lacking pride. Too often, the self-blaming gets out of hand—so we blame ourselves for that, as well.

Do we leave room for others? I know of no other tradition that openly states, “the righteous of the nations have a share in the World To Come.” No need to become one of us. Sure, there are some basic rules, but they are rules that leave much leeway—and mostly rules basic to the stability of a healthy society. Keep those rules, we don’t care who you are—you’re in.


We not only leave room, we are open to learn from others when it does not conflict with our root beliefs, as Maimonides writes in his code of law, “Take the truth from whence it comes.” The great “pillar of Jewish law” cites Aristotle, Galen and many of the Arabic philosophers with deep respect. To quote the Talmud once again, “If they will tell you there is Torah among the nations, do not believe them. But if they will tell you there is wisdom among the nations, believe them.”

As I stated, the core of the matter is to recognize that there is something greater than yourself. Without that, pride becomes arrogance, a sickness we are told to shun to the furthest extreme. In fact, without Torah, our sages taught, the Jew is “the most brazen and shameless of the nations.” Even with Torah, a person’s free choice is never taken away. There are those who use Torah as a hammer to build their throne of misled pride, for all to bow down to their scholarship and erudition. Even the Torah can be abused.


But when a Jew allows the Torah to guide him (rather than he guiding the Torah) when he accepts that he is here not for his own pleasure or pride or fame, but with a purpose, a mission given him by the Creator of All Things—then that Jew is able to balance both pride and nothingness in a single scale. As you wrote yourself, by recognizing that he is a Jew, he sees himself that much more a member of humanity. For what is his mission? To conquer? To dominate? No, it is to enlighten, to bear the torch lit by Abraham our father almost 4,000 years ago, until the entire world is afire with the luminance of that wisdom, until “all the world will work together as though they had one shoulder” in peace and in brotherhood.

Should I be ashamed that I want my daughter to marry a Jew and only a Jew? Am I a Nazi for my pride and my conviction? Should I be condemned for wanting to keep that flame of Abraham alive?


On the contrary, I believe it is those who demand that we assimilate, who cannot bear that there be a people who dare stand out from the background, who dare to preserve their heritage and their mission despite every attempt to crush and beat them to the ground—they are the true bigots. They are the ones who are out to destroy the beauty G‑d made in His creation, to destroy the very essence of life.

We are proud to be Jews and we are proud to be proud. We don’t wish to be anything else and we don’t wish our grandchildren to be anything else. To us, there is nothing more magnificent than to be a Jew and nothing more disastrous than to lose one. Because every Jew is a precious flame, a burning bush that will not be consumed, an eternal torch that no one has the right to extinguish—not even that Jew himself.

jew burn

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Ein volk, Ein reich, Ein fuhrer

Your schemes have been invaded
by my dreams and the empty
spaces demand light beings
swastikas and the new Weltanschaung
He came and gave me a sword
to divide the unification
and drop your Tower
confound and infiltrate
learn of your perversity
and inward festering hate
you will see them
the Points of Light
that have Joined
my People

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Rachel Maddow Eyes

there are millions of dead
white people in Rachel Maddow’s
eyes everything she says
is communist lies this dike
from the Rhodes plan of worldwide
slavery she preaches tolerance
but she wants to kill you and me

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