Happy False Flag Day, September 11

I declare this False Flag day for We the People.
Media events are staged and synchronized with State action.
Operation Mockingbird has eagle wings.
The CIA infiltrated the Presidency and all that followed was to fulfill the New World Order.
Obama is a trojan horse to fool the liberals into following their agenda.
The false flags have become increasingly obvious to teach you learned helplessness.

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Baphomet Enters Isis

Isolation desolation on the grimy plate
of the Moon an image of an angry face,
cleanse me of this place, the oddness
is everywhere electronic despair,
eyes of Baphomet line the highways
and they’re counting off your days,
Hail Isis, the ring opens forever,
the sound of marching reminds me
of the pulsing of never, this force
that entered into the tissue
of the brain it’s evil eternal
unbeatable and insane, strings
of lies fall a ticker tape parade,
a body shape descending on
the bed where he was made,
lanterns carried by floating petals,
the glint of sunlight on heavy metals,
she said oppression and she was right
no one else would admit the sight,
details of tragedy made to order
the back and forth, then the slaughter.

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Family of Fascists Makes a Black Sheep Pie


Everything is your fault
including your memories
of abuse, by default,
you are the targetted
individual in this DNA cult,
any complaints will be met
with repeated accusations
that mean nothing at all,
shrilly screamed and backed
up by the psyops on the screen,
the TV screen that covers
all the sins of the military-industrial
regime, and you’re all on board,
sheeple turning freethinkers
into black sheep, but you own
things so you’re always right,
when someone dies
it means a fight.
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The Hobgoblin of Ancestry

Strained out of a loss of judgment
into a world claiming all it creates
shadows rising on the rim unbent
passion tracing nature, loves and hates.

Those without eyes said go on
those without minds agreed
those without mouths dreamed
of screaming while inking the screed.

Why have you come but to bear a name,
knowing no one knows why you came,
lost in the patterns of flame and repair,
only looking back seeing the mirror stare.

Who and how are you meant to please
why does this thought give such unease,
where does your place reside that never was?
And so hide from it always, just because.

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We’ve Only Just Begun to Frack

Water has no rights,
the sea claims
endless fossilites.
Why do the ants
always come to the picnic
when the cloth has been laid
out? We’ve already begun
to feast and now the tide
is out. And when the tide
comes in the sirens sing
bringing foreigners to wreck.
The multi-nationalist beggars,
hounding the bread makers,
one nation under surveillance
whereby to promote the takers.

Vinyard is a globalist villain

poison the water let’s really

make a killin’.
Apache helicopters, heart attack
guns, and drones galore:
socialism for the poor.
Retreat from the country
to the stores, copyrighting
the new consumer after
the old one goes extinct,
the merchant class
sells, lets be succinct.
This is the Hell of Spectacle,
window dressing
for the ebola mannequins,
pull the string
and a doll forgives your sins.
There’s many a slip and fall
in the aisles of denial,
clean up your thoughts
and provide service with a smile.
What’s that you slipped
into my drink?
It’s a secret,
I’m rich.

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The Daily Beheading

Place head in TV,
await blade

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Prime evil

it de kock

Vergangenheitsbewaltigung:  is a composite German word that describes processes of dealing with the past (Vergangenheit = past; Bewältigung = coming to terms with, mastering, wrestling into submission)…


Two images of a famous torturer of Apartheid days in South Africa. In one he resembles Colonel Joll from JM Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians. In the next, he could be some nerdy guy you work with. Oddly, much like the word “ENEMY” is beaten off the prisoners in Waiting for the Barbarians, the words “PRIME EVIL” are stripped from Eugene de Kock do to his long term imprisonment and rejected parole. A Guardian article actually suggests that those who gave the orders he was “just following” are truly to blame and walking free.

Waiting for the Barbarians seems written in code, perhaps in response to censorship of his previous book, Heart of the Country. Interestingly, he marked the early drafts “ABANDONED” and had to strike away at the story, arriving at the final result by degrees. Perhaps the truth of a work of art is the effort and pain of creation that is left in it, like the marks the Magistrate examines on the barbarian girl’s body. Eventually, two poems help pave the way to the book’s final form, acting much like the lantern the Magistrate picks up that starts him on his perilous course toward discovering the Other. The first poem creates the idea of a man who is a “borderguard” as the main character, and the second perhaps propelled the examination of the Other. Coetzee studied Mongolia to flesh out the town. Also, the death of an activist, Stephen Biko, in his home country perhaps inspired the idea an agent coming into the town and beginning inquiries.

The book strikes at powerful, universal truths that oddly play out after its publication in the case of de Kock, showing the difficulty with arriving at truth. Colonel Joll sees truth as something that must be extracted through torture, leaving the truthteller broken in the process. Under the light of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, truth is supposed to be won through due process, but many innocent men escape justice.The need for a display of some kind to determine the truth seems crucial. As in Joll’s reckoning, that display is pain, in this case remorse.

Another torturer, who was no relation to JM Coetzee , Dirk Coetzee, exhibited little remorse, and was compared to another JM Coetzee character, David Lurie in Disgrace. For him, burning people until they were ashes was a big party, literally. He was, in fact, de Kock’s predecessor and was fired for a failed kidnapping.

Both were known for horrifically brutal acts. De Kock is the only senior member of Vlakplaas death squad serving a prison sentence, whereas Coetzee turned state’s evidence as maintained freedom. Coetzee is now dead.

Coetzee actually testified against de Kock and apparently was envious and thought he could have been a better killer.

Israel alone supported South African apartheid, also offering to sell PW Botha nuclear weapons..

dd395-Begin (site)


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